Crash Bash Cheats & Codes

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon Demo

Hold R1 + L1 + Square and press Start at the opening screen (Universal Studios or the Eurocom).

Infinite Health

Pause during gameplay and press in this code when the game is paused Up, Up, Down, Circle, Square, L1, R2. You will here a sound to confirm it corect.

Level Select

Go to warp room 1 and press Triangle, Circle, Left(2), Square+R1, Triangle+R2, Start, Select, Circle, X(2).

Crash Bash Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


In some levels you can taunt the other players by pressing the Triangle button.

Defeat Oxide

To beat Oxide you must dodge and shoot his obstacles. Watch out for the missiles he shoots at you. After defeating him, you will go through a blue transmentor. You'll then go on to a planet called Battlestix.

Defeating Snow Bash

To defeat Snow Bash with ease, wake the penguin up and run to the snowman or the tree. The penguin will spin around, destroying everything in its path. Repeat this until you are the only one left.

Bumper Cars

In the Crash Dash stages, if you are not in 1st place, just go strait ahead when the race begins. This will knock your opponent infront of you off the track, or at least flip them. Then quickly turn right before you fall off yourself.

Easy Boss/ Berminator

When you get to the bearminator a mecanical dog with a missle will come. Dodge its missle the bash into it. Then the bearminator will throw out a missle so you can beat him. Use it on the Left handside of the aim viewer. This takes his life out. Watch out for the next 2 turns.