Crash Nitro Kart Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Play As Pura

Get over 50 boosts on any track as Team Bandicoot in adventure mode.

Play As Real Velo

Get two Scepters.

Play As Zam

Get one Purple Gem.

Play As Zem

Get one Green Gem.

Hyper Spaceway Track

Finish in first place in all sixteen races in adventure mode. This includes the four Boss races as well as the twelve normal races. You will then be challenged by Velo to a race on the Hyper Spaceway track, which will now become unlocked in the other modes.

Play As Polar

Get one Blue Gem.

Play As Dingodile

Get one Red Gem.

Play As Fake Crash

Get over 50 boosts on a track as Team Cortex in adventure mode.

Play As N. Trophy

Defeat all N. Trophy ghost racers in race time trial mode.

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