Crash of the Titans Cheats & Codes

Shadow Crash

Pause the game, hold R1, and press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square. Re-enter the code to disable.

Big Head Crash

Pause the game, hold R1 Square, Square, Triangle, X. Re-enter the code to disable.

Crash of the Titans Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Jacking

To easily jack a monster you have to have their suit and in one attack you will be able to jack it. This will not work on guys that are BIG like the scorpion gorilla thing but it will work on spike and around that size. The really little guys when you punch then they will fly really high and die in one it.

Take Out Hard Blocks From Other Enemies.

Used the chin tickler unlocked by getting enough mojo. Is you get enough then you will get the board slam. Use ether one of these to take off the block and do some damage to be able to hijack him. Mainly only works with the smaller ones like the EE-Lectric and Spike.

Ridiculously Big Head

At any time of the game hit pause and hit and hold block then hit punch punch kick and jump you'll unlock Crash's Big Head Mode.

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