Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats & Codes

Building Block Speed Car

L1+L2, Circle(2), Triangle, Square.

Japanese-style Crash

at the title screen hold down L1 & L2 then type in Square, Circle, Square, Circle.

Chicken Head Mode

Hold L1+R1 and press X, O, O, Square. Note: If cheat is inserted correctly you will hear sound of a bell, while if cheat is inserted wrong you'll hear a buzzer type sound.

High Speed Mode

Hold L1+R1 and press Circle(2), Triangle(2) at start screen. Note: If cheat is inserted correctly you will hear sound of a bell, while if cheat is inserted wrong you'll hear a buzzer type sound.

One Hit Knock Out

Hold L1 and R1 and press X, O, O, X, O at start screen. Note: If cheat code is put correctly a sound of a bell will sound.

Crash Tag Team Racing Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Noise Pitches

Remember the guy that found out about the loading noises? Well, I found out that if you hold up on the l-stick, you'll hear a high burping or farting noise. If you hold down you'll hear low noises. Its funny.


While loading hit triangle to hear a farting noise and hit x to hear a burping noise.

Easy Turbo

You got to slip (shift) right or left to let you turbo bar shot up.

Locating Die-o-ramas

If you look on your map, a place with a skull and 2 cross bones mean the is a die-o-rama there. Note: at the first place, there is a hidde die-o-rama that is not shown on the map, it is in the shark-infested waters.

Roast Minion

Gag #1 Roast minion. Go to Happily ever faster, and get to the dark side part where there is a minion asking for money because some guys are gonna steal his toes. Keep whacking him untill he is at the edge of the platform. Below him there should be a couldrin with green crap in it. Knock him in, and you just finished gag #1!

Killing Annoying Penguins

When you approach a Karate Penguin the easyest way to kill it is to do a double jump and press square while your in the air. This makes you do a body slam, crushing the penguin.


To see a clip get near a sign or something and press the button by Crash.

Crash Tag Team Racing Unlockables & Awards

Tier 2 And Tier 3 Weapons

Just unlock all Tier 1 weapons and you'll unlock Tier 2. Then do the same thing and you'll have Tier three. Then buy all tier 3 weapons. Now all weapons for all characters are unlocked.

How To Get All Items

Complete all Car requirements; Then a sign will pop up saying Tier @ items Unlocked, Get enough coins and power crystals; Then Tier 3 is now Unlocked, Bring everyone 1 power crystal. Thats all weapon upgrades. Now Costumes collect over 50, 000 coins and buy all Costumes. Then you have just unlocked everything in CTTR!

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