Crime City Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Coffee shops and Fitness Gyms give you energy.

Most Money

Go to the carnival then your own hood and back to the carnival and if you do that a lot of times you get $1,000 each time you do it.

Facebook Credit

If you want facebook credits very easily, you can open in facebook game coin play the game and win the money that money charger with you for facebook credit.

How To Kill More Rivals

This is how you can kill more rivals and kill rivals at a bigger mafia size. To do this you need to get a big mafia size. The way to do this is to add more friends to your mafia. There is 2 ways to do this one way is adding friends that you have just on face book or buying more mafia with gold. I personally don't like using gold because it cost real money but it is sometimes a pain to recruit friends to face book apps. Well anyways the recommended mafia size is 10 but you can go larger than that. I hope this hint helped you.

Free Energy And Stamina

Well first of all, you have to be using a pc for this as I tried on the iPhone and iPod touch and it did not work as well. So go on crime city on Facebook (obviously) and on the bottom right corner and once you run out of energy or stamina you change your time and date to one day forward and voila.