Crysis 2 Cheats & Codes

Console Cheat Codes

Open the game console by pressing the tilde (~) and then enter:
con_restricted 0 And then press enter. This turns on the cheats for the game. Once that's entered, you can use the following codes:
God Mode:   g_godMode = 1 
Unlimited Ammo:  g_infiniteAmmo = 1 or i_unlimitedammo = 1
Unlimited Suit Energy:  g_infinitesuitenergy=1


When the credits screen is showing, press the FIRE button five times. It will start a minigame that you can play while the credits are still rolling.

Crysis 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Disco Party

In "Dead Man Walking" you get an new objective: "Locate the Nanosuit Deep Scan Cradle; Locate Gould." Take the elevator down at the end of the level and then go down the hallway. Go right and look for the security camera and a bank of equipment. Hop over the red rope and look for a switch. Hold ACTION to flip the switch and a red light will turn on. Head back to the elevator and hop another red rope to reach a second elevator. The switch will be glowing. Hit ACTION again to open it and you will see a strange sight: A CELL disco party in the elevator!!!

Crysis 2 Unlockables & Awards

Suit Module Upgrade List

The following is a list of all suit modules and their upgrades:
  • Armor
  • Air Stomp: Velocity based attack; more speed deals more damage. Requires elevation beyond a Power Jump.
  • Minimum Velocity Damage: 40 damage out to 2 meters
  • Maximum Velocity Damage: 220 damage out to 7 meters
  • Upgrade II: No damage from falling
  • Upgrade III: 0.5x recovery time after Air Stomp
  • Proximity Alarm: Sense enemy in a 30 meter horizontal radius (not vertical); updates every two seconds
  • Upgrade II: Sensor updates every second
  • Upgrade III: Sensor updates every half-second
  • Armor Enhance 0.5x energy consumption
  • Upgrade II: +25% movement speed in Armor mode
  • Upgrade III: Immune to Nanosuit Jammer Bonus
  • Threat Tracer: Highlight bullet path within 6 meters
  • Upgrade II: Highlight grenades within a 15 meter radius
  • Upgrade III: Highlights explosives within 15 meter radius
  • Nano Recharge: 2x health regeneration
  • Upgrade II: 2x suit recharge (60 per second)
  • Upgrade III: 0.5x delay before health regeneration
  • Detonation Delay: +2 seconds to grenade fuse when in blast radius
  • Upgrade II: +2 seconds to C4 fuse when in blast radius
  • Upgrade III: Fires Chaff against enemy JAW missiles
  • Energy Transfer: Restores 20% energy with a kill
  • Upgrade II: Restores 30% energy with a kill
  • Upgrade III: Restores 50% energy with a kill
  • Power
  • Side Pack: +1 primary magazine
  • Upgrade II: +1 grenade/explosive
  • Upgrade III: +1 attachment ammo
  • Weapon Pro: 0.6x reload time
  • Upgrade II: 0.5x aim down sight time
  • Upgrade III: 0.4x weapon swap time
  • Aim Enhance: Reduced recoil (unique to weapon)
  • Upgrade II: 0.4x view shake from explosions
  • Upgrade III: 1.6x movement speed when aiming down sights (compared to whatever negative speed it offers)
  • Loadout Pro: Two primary weapons
  • Upgrade II: No mobility loss from attachments
  • Upgrade III: 1.5x speed while carrying HMG (compared to its 0.6x speed scale)
  • Rapid Fire: Higher rate of fire on primary weapons (unique to weapon)
  • Upgrade II: Higher rate of fire on secondary weapons (unique to weapon)
  • Upgrade III: Higher rate of fire on mounted weapons
  • Point Fire Enhance: Reduces spread of primary weapons (unique to weapon)
  • Upgrade II: Reduces spread of secondary weapons (unique to weapon)
  • Upgrade III: Reduces spread of mounted weapons
  • Mobility Enhance: 0.5x sprint and jump energy cost
  • Upgrade II: 0.5x ledge grab climb time
  • Upgrade III: 0.25x fire after sprint time
  • Retriever: Automatically collect Dogtags
  • Upgrade II: One less Dogtag required for support bonuses
  • Upgrade III: 1.2x support bonus time
  • Stealth
  • Stealth Enhance: Transition time to/from stealth is halved
  • Upgrade II: No shadow cast in Stealth mode
  • Upgrade III: 0.5x energy drain rate in Stealth mode
  • Covert Ops: No player footstep sound
  • Upgrade II: Invisible to Ceph Airstrike
  • Upgrade III: 2x enemy footstep sound
  • Cloak Tracker: Displays particles on Cloaked enemy within 20 meters
  • Upgrade II: Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 7 seconds in radius
  • Upgrade III: Causes enemy Cloak to flicker after 5 seconds in radius
  • Jammer: Scrambles the radar of enemies within a 10 meter range
  • Upgrade II: Provides protection against enemy Radar Jammer attacks
  • Upgrade III: Scrambles the radar of enemies within an increased range
  • Blind Spot: Invisible to Maximum Radar
  • Upgrade II: Immune to Visor Tagging
  • Upgrade III: Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision
  • Tracker: Track enemy footsteps within 25 meters; updates every 0.6 seconds
  • Upgrade II: Footstep direction tracks
  • Upgrade III: Doubled track updates (every 0.3 seconds)
  • Visor Enhance: Automatically tag enemies when zoomed in
  • Upgrade II: Enemy Flashbang grenade effect lasts 0.1x as long
  • Upgrade III: Nano Vision energy drain 0.5x
  • Unlock New Game Plus

    Complete the campaign for New Game Plus. You get to keep your armor modules at the least.

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