Cultures Cheats & Codes

Bigger Item Words

While in game play, press F2 and type "funfrieda". All item words will be very big!

Quickly Fill Warehouses

To get 5 of every item in every warehouse you own press F2 and type in "funfillup".

Cheat Codes

Hold the shift button then click
To switch between day and night  "  P   "
To switch off all the menu       "  S   "
To switch on  all the menu       "  Esc "
To switch on the build window    "  H   "
change speed of game             "  L   "

Turbo Mode

While playing a game, press [F2], then type "funspeedup". If you entered the code properly, an icon with a two legs will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Press "P" to pause the game and return to normal.