Cyberstorm 2 Cheats & Codes

File Hack

Edit your STORM.INI file by adding the following codes on a new line, which will add a menu item that you can use during the game.

I'll Buy That For A Credit-Get 1 credit 
Will work for credits-Get 1,000 credits 
Mo money-Get 10,000 credits 
Too much wheat-Get 100,000 credits 
You may have already won-Get 1,000,000 credits 
CUC-Get Mega credits 
As Good as it Gets-Max-O-Repair 
He Who Dies With The Most Toys-Gain all technologies 
Home is where the heart is-Max-O-Facilities 
Must have!-Max-O-Chassis 
It was nice while it lasted-Go back to normal technologies 
You da man-Max-O-Commander (Tech + Credits + Facilities) 

Death to all who oppose us-Crush all enemies 
Did I break your concentration-Touch 'o Death (one) 
Feel my wrath-Restock selected vehicles 
Fly Away-Get Mega turn-based move points 
Freaky Friday-Become another player 
Go Go Power Ranger-Reset selected units 
It's just a flesh wound-Repair selected vehicles 
Let there be light-Fog of War Changes 
Let there be light v2-Fog of War: Godlike 
Tarsus-Heal selected pilots 
That must hurt-Touch 'o Death (many) 
There can be only one-I am invincible! 
Vengeance is mine-Get Mega turn-based action points 


While in the BioDerm facility, you can use the Ctrl - LeftBrace / Ctrl-RightBrace to give yourself any pilot face.

Face Select

At the BioDerm facility to select a new pilot face, press [Ctrl] + [Left Square Bracket] or [Ctrl] + [Right Square Bracket].