Daikatana Cheats & Codes

Level Names

Use one of the following entries with the changelevel or map codes.
Location                     Level name 
Marsch 1                        E1M1A 
Marsch 2                        E1M1B 
Marsch 3                        E1M1C 
Sewer System 1                  E1M2A  
Sewer System 2                  E1M2B  
Solitary 1                      E1M3A 
Solitary 2                      E1M3B 
Crematorium 1                   E1M4A  
Crematorium 2                   E1M4B  
Crematorium 3                   E1M4C  
Processing 1                    E1M5A  
Processing 2                    E1M5B  
Icelab 1                        E1M6A 
Icelab 2                        E1M6B 
Icelab 3                        E1M6C 
Vault 1                         E1M7A 
Vault 2                         E1M7B 
Lemnos Isle 1                   E2M1A  
Lemnos Isle 2                   E2M1B  
Lemnos Isle 3                   E2M1C  
Catacomb 1                      E2M2A 
Catacomb 2                      E2M2B 
Catacomb 3                      E2M2C 
Athens 1                        E2M3A 
Athens 2                        E2M3B 
Athens 3                        E2M3C 
Acropolis 1                     E2M4A 
Acropolis 2                     E2M4B 
Acropolis 3                     E2M4C 
Acropolis 4                     E2M4D 
Acropolis 5                     E2M4E 
Lair of Medusa 1                E2M5A  
Lair of Medusa 2                E2M5B  
Lair of Medusa 3                E2M5C  
Lair of Medusa 4                E2M5D  
Lair of Medusa 5                E2M5E  
Plague Village 1                E3M1A  
Plague Village 2                E3M1B  
Plague Village 3                E3M1C  
Passage 1                       E3M2A 
Dungeon 1                       E3M3A 
Dungeon 2                       E3M3B 
Dungeon 3                       E3M3C 
Wyndrax Tower 1                 E3M4A  
Wyndrax Tower 2                 E3M4B  
Crypt of Nharre 1               E3M5A  
Gharroth`s Throne 1             E3M6A  
Alcatraz 1                      E4M1A 
Alcatraz 2                      E4M1B 
Alcatraz 3                      E4M1C 
Beneath the Rock 1              E4M2A  
Beneath the Rock 2              E4M2B  
Tower of Crime 1                E4M3A  
Tower of Crime 2                E4M3B  
Tower of Crime 3                E4M3C  
Mishima Labs 1                  E4M4A  
Mishima Labs 2                  E4M4B  
Mishima Labs 3                  E4M4C  
Mishima`s Hideout 1             E4M5A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 1      E4M6A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 2      E4M6B  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 3      E4M6C  

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the "+set console 1" command line parameter. Press ~ to 
display the console window, then type "cheats on" to enable cheat mode. Then, 
enter one of the following codes in the console window to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: Cheats are only effective after starting a new 
game; they cannot be used with an existing saved game.


God 			modegod
Additional health		health [100 or greater]
Increase power		boost power
Increase attack		boost attack
Increase speed		boost speed
Increase acro		boost acro
Increase vitality		boost vitality
Increase all stats		boost all
Weapon select		weapon_give_[1-10]
Infinite ammunition		g_unlimited_ammo 1
Kill all monsters in current level	massacre
Invisibility			notarget
Rampage mode		rampage
No clipping mode		noclip
Cycle three camera view		scam_toggle
Camera focused on next monster	cam_nextmon
Cycle all characters on level	cam_nextmon
Cycle sidekicks on level		cam_nextsidekick
Screenshot			screenshot
Change game speed, 1.0 is default	timescale [speed]
Level select			map [level name]
Key command binding		bind [key and command]
Select active server		connect [server]
Toggle game engine messages	developer [1 or 0]
Toggle clean map load
 with no caching 		flushmap [1 or 0]
Toggle rendering speed display	r_speeds [1 or 0]
Toggle flat-shaded polygons	r_drawflat [1 or 0]
Toggle lightmaps on surfaces	r_fullbright [1 or 0]
Toggle line drawing (not available
 on Voodoo cards)		gl_polylines [1 or 0] 
Disable cheats		cheats 0

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