Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Additional Dancers Option

Successfully complete every Nonstop course to unlock the "Additional Dancers" option.

Dancer Options

Play any course in Nonstop mode to unlock the "Dancer" options.

Mission Mode

Clear 45 songs to unlock Mission mode.

New Dancers

A new male dancer will appear after 15 songs. A new female dancer will appear after 30 songs. The next dancer will appear after 60 songs and every 15 songs after then. The gender of the new dancer will alternate between male and female.

Endless Mode

Get 100 "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode) to unlock Endless mode. Alternately, clear 200 songs in Game mode.

All Bonuses

Successfully complete all missions in Mission to unlock all hidden songs, nonstop courses, Oni courses, and characters.

Easy Cheesy Playing

If you get tired of all that jumpin around and stuff like that, then just grab your regular gaming controller. The directional buttons act as a "leg" and the square, triangle, circle, and X buttons are like the other "leg." Try it! You usually can get better scores for harder songs!

Get More Songs

If you wanna get more songs, you can play on the controller until you get every song and then you can play on the mat. Before playing on the mat, please learn how to play on lesson mode. If you want to unlock a lot of new songs, play Paranoia on the control 3-5 times. You might unlock a few songs.

Move Faster

To move faser on any mode light, heavy, or standard you must try to jump, but make a short jump, like a skip. Especialy when there are double arrows. It really works I once got an AA.