Dance Dance Revolution: Max Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Gentle Stress Sensual Mix

This only works if you have either never failed Oni Mode or if you never played Oni Mode. Intentionally fail Oni Mode. Once you do, the information icon will be flashing.

Unlock Drop The Bomb

To unlock drop the bomb you must complete all the songs on ALL the difficulties.

Unlock Spin The Disc

To unlock spin the disc you must complete 250 songs. Beating any song all difficulties counts as three songs.

Faster And Other Kinds Of Gameplay

When you are picking a song, find the one you want to do and press and hold X or Circle for a menu of things. It will let you make the gamespeed up to 8x faster! And you can play with the arrown invisible or you can have them move around.

Get Trance Sunrise Mix Song

Complete 2 of the following songs, Dive, True or Firefly

Get Candy Level

Finish the Max 300 stage and get a AA rank.

Get Max 300 Level

Complete the last song using heavy mode and get a AA rank or finish 100 songs in heavy mode.

Get Kind Lady Song

Finish 40 stages using Arcade Mode

Get So In Love Song

Finish 20 stages using Arcade Mode.