Dance Dance Revolution Cheats & Codes

Double, Unison, Single Or Versus Modes

At the title screen, press Circle to select "Game Mode". A box with those options will appear.

Special Modes

At the song selection screen, press Start + Select until a little box appears. You may now choose stealth arrows, small arrows, mirror mode, little characters, etc.

Bonus Characters

At the character selection screen, press Up or Down.

Dance Dance Revolution Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Harder Level For Nonstop

At the screen were you choose the nonstop mixes press right and you will get a harder level to play at.

Hidden Song

There is a remix of 20, November that you can hear/dance to in Lesson Mode and How To Play tutorial.

Mastering "Machine Gun Steps"

The term "Machine Gun Steps" is used to described steps that are repeated in a 1/8 or 1/16 step pattern. For example: up, up or left, left, left, left. Basically these steps can be done with ease if you remember not to lift your feet too high. Keeping your feet low and close to the pad/platform will help you in pressing the same button more than once faster. Another more effective way of mastering these is to use the "heel & toe" method, where you press the arrow with your heel and press it again with your toe. If the step pattern repeats the arrow more than two time, continue to alternate the heel and the toe. You can also try running in place but this will result in slowing you down after the repeating step pattern has ended.

Mastering The 1/8ths And 1/16ths Steps

1/8 and 1/16 steps may throw you off because it suddenly causes you to dance faster. Here are some tips. Remember that just because you may have to step on the right arrow, that does not mean you have to use your right foot. Also look ahead (towards the bottom of the screen) so you know what is coming, and so you can face away from the screen for a brief moment. An example combining all the mentioned tips is as follows. Take a LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT pattern. An easier way to master this type of pattern is to alternate feet. Use your left foot to press left, right foot to press down, and swing your left foot and turn your body to use your left foot to press right. May sound confusing but when you break it apart and try it, all should be easier. Same is as follows for other patterns that are similar.

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