Darkstone Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Food

Create a theif as one of your characters, when you get to town get your theif to 'pickpocket' a chicken and BINGO you've got an egg!

Earn More Money

Of course you want to use a character with the Trade skill to do all the buying, selling, and repairing (if you have one). But if you have the character with Trade skill pay the blacksmith to repair all your items before you sell them you will actually get MORE money. He gives you a discount on the repair and pays your more for the fully repaired item than what he would have paid before + the price he charged you to repair it. Note: This can be done in both single and multiplayer games.

Permanent Magic Door

If you want to keep your magic doors from crumbling when you go back through them, when returning through the door from town use the character who did NOT create the magic door to enter the portal. If you are in a multi player game, 2 characters can both make a magic door then return from town using the other guy's door instead of your own. This way you can keep them open and use them over and over. Note: This can only be done in single player games.

Surrogate Pool Drinker

If you switch to solo mode and leave the character you're not using at a mana or health pool, whenever you get low just switch to the character by the pool, walk a short distance from the pool, then click on the pool and before the character gets there to take a drink switch back to the other character and that one will get their health or mana filled instead of the one by the pool. Note: This can only be done in single player games.

Extra Gold

Begin a new game and give all money from one character to the other character (money holder). Then start another new game, and select the money holder as one character and create an entirely new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new character to the money holder. Repeat as needed to build your gold total.

Hidden Song

Throw coins in the bard's tray in the center of town during a single player game.

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