Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Cheats & Codes

All Style Clothes And Levels

Chose your rider, then go to style of clothes and at the begining type in: Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Right, Circle. To get all the levels in the game type in the exact code as the one above. (This cheat works for all clothes, all bikes and all levels.)

New Tricks

These are the tricks that are not on the trick list:
Decade Air: Right, Left, Square
Can-can backflip: Right, Down, Square  
Frontflip: Up, Up, Square
Pedulum Air: Right, Right, Square
Un-lookdown: Left, Left, Square
Can-can lookdown: Left, Right, Square
X-down: Up, Up, Circle  
Switch-hander: Right, Right, Square

Unlock All Levels

After picking your bike, rider, and style, go to the level selection screen and press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Circle.

All Bikes

At the bike select screen, press up, left, up, down, up, right, left, right, circle.

Double Front Flip

First Select Leigh Ramsdell. Then go into any level. When you are in the air press up, up, up, square. This move takes lots of practice and big air.

Dave Mirra's Triple Loop

To do Dave Mirra's Triple Backflip, press Down(3), Square. This ONLY works for Dave Mirra.

Air Bailed

While in the air hold R1, R2, L1, L2.

Amish Boy Speicial

Right, Up, Left, Square and Left, Down, Right, Square.

Backflip, Bar Hop, Sterilizer Lander

Down, Square (backflip). Hold L2 and hit Circle, Right(2), Up, Down, Square.

Extra Points

Just before the timer reaches zero, press X and bunnyhop while not on a ramp. Hold Up + X or Down + X to continue to get points even though time has expired.

Bar Hop To Sterilizer Lander

During any level, hold L2 and hit Circle, Right(2), Up, Down and Square.

Can-Can Backlip

This is Nyquist's special, A Can-Can Backlip. Press Up, Up, Up, Right, Square.

Triple Backflip

Down, Down, Down, Down, Square.

Double Back

Down, Down, Square.

Slim Jim Special

Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Square.

Tim Mirra Special

Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Square

Harkin Special

Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Square

Kagy Special

Up, Right, Down, Down, Up, Right, Left, Left, Square.

Garcia Special

Left, Down, Right, Square

McMurray Special

Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Square

Mirra Special

Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Square.

Nyquist Special

Right, Right, Up, Right, Down, Down, Down, Right, Square.

Play as Slim Jim

At the rider selection screen in pro quest mode, press Down(2), Left, Right, Up(2), Circle to unlock Slim Jim. Alternately, successfully complete the game with any rider to unlock a bonus bike and Slim Jim.

All styles

At the style selection screen in pro quest mode, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Circle to unlock all styles. Note: Each time a new bike is selected this code will have to be re-entered.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easiest Way To Grind 180 Feet On Powerlines

Simply, the easiest way to gring 180 feet on the powerlines in the hardcore challenges in the first level is to get the secret bike because it has good balance and speed and you can easily grind way more than 180 feet on them with anybody.

Do An Extreme Spin

To do an extreme spin you must be at the first level (with the train). Then cross over the train and get speed to go up the ramp over by the corner. Then jump the ramp and start spinning but make sure you land on both of those bouncy things, spin as fast as you can and if you make it up to the 1660, then there is only one more (or 2) spin(s).

Super Stall

First get the "super bike". Choose any level, and go to any rail and jump and stall and keep your balance with the left and right directional buttons. (Your pts. will add up very fast and you can get a very high score)!!

Unlock All Presidents

Get the code to get all levels and beat the amature proquest in the last level. Plus they will be riding bikes of their time. They will also ride trikes and all kid bikes.

Skid Forever

To skid forever press down+right while at the end of a jump.

Best Time To Jump Over Flatbed

In the first level when you are doing your hardcore challenges in Proquest, the best time to jump over the flatbed part of train is when you see the Haro bikes symbol twice in a row. So after you see Haro twice, jump off the ramp in front of the train because the next one is the flatbed. Now you dont have to guess when to jump.

Best Crashing Place

In the first level when you are playing wipeout in 2 player, the place with the most points for crashing is that you should go on the ramp to jump over the train but dont go off of it just ride over it so when the flatbed comes and you wipeout on it you will get mad points for the crash when you hit the tunnel.If you try to do a really awsome trick onto it you will get even more points.

Nothing Backflip

While in air hit down, right at the same time let go hit down, left at the same time, then hit down, square. YOU GOTTA BE FAST!!

Where To Find The Electric Boxes

This is easier than it sounds. In the first level where you have to hit the four electric boxes, these are where they are. When you start out, dont go anywhere, just turn your bike around and the first electric box is right there. Turn your bike around again so you are facing the way you started. The next box is in the corner of where the fences intersect off towards the right. The third box is behind the fence by the bowl in front of the train tracks. The last box is a little farther away. You go on the path to the left of where you started. Follow that to the left until you see this falling apart fence. Ride next to this fence until it ends. Make another right and the last box is right there. If you understand this and do it right you should have more time left, enough time to do the other challenges and maybe some extra time to explore.

Best Place To Grind More Than 50 Feet

In the second level where you have to do the grind more than 50 feet anywhere challenge, the best place to do it is this: Find the garden with the ledge. Go to the top up the hill, jump up, and press triangle to grind. Use the arrow keys to balance until you grind more than 50 feet.

Get Into Secret Pool In Backyard Pool Level

There are three ways to do this. The first way is to get a lot of air on the pool by the fence where you start out and jump over the fence. The pool is right there. The second way is to get onto the roof of the greenish-grey building, jump off of the side facing the fence, and you should be by the pool. The third way to do this is to get into the tiny pool in the back by jumping high or grinding the ledges by it to jump into it. Get air and try to get onto a pipe-like thing leading down to where you are. Follow that all the way to the secret pool.

Easy Way To Get To Roof At The Backyard Pool

Go to the gray building (the one you have to jump on the roof in the pro competition). Go around it until you see the slant on the house and you can go up it.

Infinite Skid

Hold down/right for an infinite skid.

Bike Suspension Mode

Successfully complete the game with Chad Kagy to unlock the bike suspension option at the cheat screen.

Sticky Crashes

Successfully complete the game with Kenan Harkin to unlock the sticky crash option at the cheat screen.

Play as Amish Boy

Successfully complete the game with Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Joey Garcia, Troy McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy, Tim Mirra, Kenan Harkin, Shaun Butler, and Leigh Ramsdell to unlock Amish Boy.

Big crashes

Successfully complete the game with Leigh Ramsdell to unlock the big crash option at the cheat screen.

Silly grunts

Successfully complete the game with Tim Mirra to unlock the silly grunt option at the cheat screen.

First person view

Successfully complete the game with Mike Laird to unlock the first person view option at the cheat screen.

Ghost rider

Successfully complete the game with Joey Garcia to unlock the ghost rider option at the cheat screen.

Exorcist mode

Successfully complete the game with Troy McMurray to unlock the exorcist option at the cheat screen.

Night vision mode

Successfully complete the game with Shaun Butler to unlock the night vision option at the cheat screen.

Dave Mirra FMV sequence

Successfully complete the game with Dave Mirra.

Ryan Nyquist FMV sequence

Successfully complete the game with Ryan Nyquist.

Game contest FMV sequence

Successfully complete the game with Slim Jim.

Development team FMV sequence

Successfully complete the game with Amish Boy.

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