Day of Defeat Cheats & Codes

Crosshair Change

To make it so your crosshair won't get bigger when you move. type ~ to go into console, hit spacebar once and type cl_dynamic_xhair 0

Turn Off Background Sounds

To turn off background sounds so you can hear footsteps and real fire better type stopsound in the console.

Day of Defeat Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Look around in Free Mode when you get killed to locate the enemy that killed you. Then you can take measures to respawn in a location where they won't be able to kill you immediately.

Track Enemies

Keep an eye out for enemies by the flags they capture. Anticipate their next move and prepare to ambush them.


You gain speed when going down a flight of stairs which makes you a more difficult target to hit.


The flashlight is a useful tool for lighting your surroundings especially inside buildings but it lets the enemy know where you are.

Using Cheats

Itís not condoned to use any cheats when involved with online play.

Repeat Messages

Explosions and other background noises can drown out commands so make sure to repeat them. Also keep the instructions short and simple.

Numerical Ping

To display numbers along with dots for latency on a server type -numericping in the shortcut's target line.