Dead Rising: Chop 'til You Drop Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Faster Kills On The Elevator

Grab one of the soccer balls and open the door then kick it (make sure you have a second wepon handy just in case).

How To Defeat Adam The Clown

Once in a while Adam will blowup a balloon filled with a flammable gas, shoot the balloon when he is blowing it up, then he will choke on the fumes, use this time to shoot him in the head.

Free Time

Unlike the XBox 360 verion you actually do get free time for disposing of the zombies it first happens after you and brad part ways for the first time again when you are to meet isabella and again when you are to go meet the helicopter. all those times should bring your kill count to how ever high you like though I recommended getting something to ride or run with after the military moves in on the run to the heli cause a skateboard and cart can do wonders.

Dead Rising: Chop 'til You Drop Unlockables & Awards

How to unlock "Zombie Walk"

Reach level 50 to unlock the move Zombie Walk which allows you to walk among the undead undetected.


  • "The Drunkard" : Get an S rank on the mission "Out of Controll" to unlock the mission "The Drunkard."
  • 50. Cal Machine Gun : Get an S rank on "The Woman Left Behind" mission
  • Ammo Belt : Get S rank on "Gun Shop Standoff" mission
  • Apocalypse Frank : Kill 53,594 Zombies
  • Arthur Boxers (Hearts) : Beat the game without dying.
  • Bikini Outfit : Beat the game with an A ranking
  • Bionic Commando : Beat the game twice.
  • Chicago Typewriter : Beat the game
  • Cultist Leader's Sword : Get an S rank on the mission "A Strange Groupe."
  • Hockey Mask : Get S rank on "The Cult" mission
  • Killer 7 : Beat the game once and instead of Cletus giving you the repaired Blacktail, he'll give you the Killer 7.
  • Kung Fu outfit : Beat game twice on Hard
  • Laser Sword : Beat all Odd Jobs with an "S" Rank
  • Mall Employee Uniform : Get an S rank on "Out Of Control" mission
  • Megaman Boots : Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-games
  • Megaman Tights : Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-games with an "A" rank
  • Police Cap : Beat the game with an A Rank or better, save all survivors, and do not allow any to escape.
  • Prisoner Garb (Costume) : Get S Rank On Prisoners Mission
  • Pro Wrestling Boots : Beat all Odd Jobs missions
  • Pro Wrestling Briefs : Beat all Odd Jobs missions with an "A" Rank
  • Real Mega Buster : Beat all "2nd Ammendment" mini-games a "S" rank
  • Red 9 : Complete the mission 'Lovers' with an S Rank.
  • Riot Gun : S Rank On Dressed For Action
  • Roll Outfit : Beat it on Hard with S Ranking
  • School Clothes : Beat the game with an A rank.
  • Semi-Auto Rifle : S Rank On "Mark Of The Sniper"
  • Small Chainsaw : Get an S rank on the mission "The Shadow of North Plaza."
  • Small Mixer : Beat the game and Cletus will sell it to you.
  • Special Forces Outfit : Beat the game on Hard
  • Turret Gun : Get an S rank on the mission "Prisoners."
  • White Hat : Clear the game with 100% Item Usage
  • How to unlock "The Real Mega Man Blaster"

    Kill 56,000 zombies and get to the helipad before hour zero. Start a new game and the Mega Man blaster will be unlocked. If you lose the blaster for any reason it will always respawn by Otis.