Deadly Dozen Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Ammo

Once you start a mission press pause. Then enter in "ammo". At the top left corner, if entered correctly it will show that unlimited ammo is on. To disable this code just enter it in once more.


Type "godmode" at the pause screen and you will have invincability.

Deadly Dozen Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Stay Alive

After you get The brive case go the the german command ceantr. Don't just go in. Walk by the mine feild. Just in front of the mine feild There are trees. Crouch down and crawl Beetwen the fence and the trees. Have a sniper handy. Look at the opening of the gate. Snipe one of the soilders. The dog and the other nazi will run after you. Try to snipe the nazi first then the dog.Then you are free to go inside the gate. At the top of the hill there are nazis there.Snipe the also.But one has a HUGE macine gun. Snip him. After that Run into the biulding. hide in the corner so you can kill them. Get a missle launcher and shoot it out the door. Then one by one two nazis will come in. Kill them with the missle launcer. Then get in the car. It would help if you print this out. O.K. wait till you see anther Hint called "Short way to freedom"