Deer Hunter 2 Cheats & Codes

Attract Deer to Your Spot

Bring up map and type in dh2tracker to make deer appear on map the type in the new code dh2honey and see what happens. All the deer will start moving towards you. Also type in dh2doolittle and that way when you fire off you weapon the deer will not run away. Wait till all the deer is in range then "Go Postal". To make it more fun also type in the code dh2friday13 to get more blood shed.

More Cheats

Automatically Sight In Weapon Cheat code: dh2sightin
Camera Follows Bullets Cheat code: dh2bulletcam
Climb All Trees Cheat code: dh2treehugger
Fast Mode Cheat code: dh2flash
Lightning Cheat code: dh2lightning or dh2light
More Blood Cheat code: dh2friday13
No Fear Mode Cheat code: dh2doolittle
Quick Weather Mode Cheat code: dh2blizzard
Show All Animals on Map Cheat code: dh2supatracker
Stop All Weather Conditions Cheat code: dh2weatherstop
Thunder Cheat code: dh2thunder

Cheat Codes

Press F2 in the game and type the following:

dh2tracker - puts deer on map             
dh2shoot - puts you in shooting range of a deer
dh2circle - attaches you to a deer (type again to get relased)
dh2supaflash - makes you run very, very fast
dh2deerzilla - giant deer
dh2shoedeal - you never run out of breath
dh2bandolier - you never reload
dh2swig - stops weapon from wobbling (might have to type twice)
dh2caddyshack - allows you to walk around in target range
dh2rain - make it rain
dh2snow - make it snow


press the f2 button and type in dh2deadeye and press enter then press f2 again to get the text box off