Def Jam: Fight for NY Cheats & Codes

Song Cheat Codes

Go to extras then go to cheat put in the following to get the songs:
AKIRA 	Chiang: Dragon House
BIGBOI 	Outkast: Bust
CARTAGENA 	Fat Joe: Take a Look at my Life
CHOPPER 	Baxter: Chop Shop
GHOSTSHELL 	Chiang: Koto
GONEBETRUBL 	Ricbyobiche: Lil' Bro
KIRKJONES 	Sticky Fingaz: Man Up
LOYALTY  	Nene: After Hours
MILITAIN 	CNN: Anything Goes
PLATINUMB 	Bless: Get it Now
POWER 	Ice T: Original Gangster
PUMP 	Joe Budden: Walk with Me
RESPECT 	Public Enemy: Move
SIEZE 	Bless: Sieze the Day
ULTRAMAG 	Ultramagnetic MC's: Poppa Large

100 Reward Points

Enter the "Extras" menue and select the "Cheats" option. Then enter the code.

Enter "Crookly" as a code to get 100 reward points.

Extra Points

Enter the following codes at the cheat menu to unlock a serious amount of points you can use, about 100 per code name:

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