Despicable Me Cheats & Codes

Incredible Shrinking Minion

Enter: B, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Y. Or you can unlock all world bonus levels to get it.

Unlock Despicable Gru Level

Enter: B, A, DOWN, DOWN, Y. Or, collect all the GRU Challenge Tokens.

Unlock Girls Room Bonus Level

Enter: B, L, A, B, B, Y. Or, you can collect all of Agnes' Unicorns in the current wheel.

Unlock Minion Mania Level

Enter: L, A, B, B, Y, UP. Or earn highest achievement of "Minion of the Month" in all levels.

Unlock The Bonus Minion Mania Level

Enter the code: L, A, B, B, Y, DOWN.

The Girls Room Level

Select-button on mode and enter B-L-A-B-B-Y thats' it.

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