Destruction Derby Arenas Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Perform 2-wheel Driving With Ease

Select Wrecking Racing, any car you want and dam. In the part where you are in the "factory", you will notice a kerbing stylish shape on the right. Drive towards it, turn right and you should drive on 2 wheels. Beware though, you can easily roll over.


If you get a shield, you have the ability to crash cars without getting hurt. But you should hurry because it only lasts a couple of seconds.

Floating Glitch

On the level, "Harbor," there is a glitch where you can float in midair. When you first start the level, you are in the back of all the cars. When you start going, you have to turn right, and then right again. Then, you jump off a ramp. After you jump off and you're on the ground again, go forward a little more. You'll notice that there are some boats to the right side. Using a fast car, face one of the boats from a distance and using your Turbo, just drive straight and get right on top of one. There is an "invisible" box around the boats and when you're on them, it appears as if you were floating. Look at your car from a side view (L1 or L2) and you'll see it perfectly.

Bonus Tracks

There are two Bonus Tracks in the game. The first is the Dam. Unlock this by placing first in points in all other circut tracks. The second is Rough Justice. Unlock this by placing first in points in all other bowl tracks.

Super Grip

The spinning tire and wheel icon is a Super Grip. This allows you to climb hills at full speed and have overall great handling for 20 seconds. There are 2 extra things that I have found to do with Super Grip so far and they are:
1--If you lose a wheel, get a Super Grip Icon and your car will level out and behave as though the wheel is still there.

2--In the Titan arena, get a Super Grip Icon and climb the outer slope at an angle. Then, as you are on the vertical slope, hit the Rocket Icon to be propelled. After the second Rocket Icon, get your car to the top of the turn and you should get the Bonus 3000 Points Icon.