Devil May Cry 2 Cheats & Codes

Diesel Costume

Insert the Dante and Lucia disc and play through the first mission and save, then restart the game. When the "Press Start Button" screen appears, press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Select the "Load Game" option, then press L1 or R1 to choose the bonus Diesel costume for the selected character.

Desperation Devil Trigger Movelist

Fireballs: Press Square. 

Laser Whips: Press Triangle. 
Flight: Press X twice. 
Laser Whip Spin: Press Triangle (while flying). 
Divine Light: Press Square & Triangle. This attack wipes out groups of enemies 
and does HUGE damage to bosses. 
Divine Light Beam: Hold R1, then press Square & Triangle. 

Diesel Costume

At the Press Start screen, press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3.

Devil May Cry 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeating Tanks

The easiest way I have found to defeat the tanks is to stand right in front of them and slash at them with your sword.

Defeating The Tank

One of the bosses is a mutated army tank. One of the easiest ways beating it is whenever the tank's rocket launcher moves to you, you quickly run to different spots over and over, while shooting at it with either the two pistols or a shotgun, which is faster.

Mission 17: Hidden Area

Go to mission 17 after you have the Staff Of Hermes. Then, go to the painting on the left. You will end up in a familiar room in the castle. Find the stairs and go up all the way until you reach a red door. Once inside, you will be in a room with two more paintings. Once again, choose the left painting. You will end up in the castle yard. You will (under easy-auto only) fight about three Plasma. Try to make them multiply as much as possible. When you have finished them, go through the door then go back out. Note: They may not always reappear. If they do not, go in and come out until they do so. Do not use guns against them. They only multiply in their human form.

Mission 16: Hidden Area

On this mission, you will enter a room where you will find the item named Sacrilege. Get the item to make the energy balls stop coming at you. Then, on the floor directly under the balcony where the item was located, there will be a wall that resembles a door. Press Circle in front of that wall and it will open a secret room.

Mission 10: Hidden Area

After defeating the giant butterfly and the larvae, you will go down a set of stairs. After the game loads, go to the first set of doors you see and press Circle to enter another hidden room.

Mission 7: Hidden Area

At the very end of the mission, before entering the door that leads to the roof, press Circle at the door to the left.

Mission 5: Hidden Area

When you enter the barricaded area, go to Dante's left and fall off the cliff. There are several medium Red Orbs. Follow that until the end. There will be an Orb Dispenser. Go just to the left of the Orb Dispenser to find a garage-type door. Press Circle, and there will be plenty of Homromsira in there.

Mission 3 : Hidden Areas

Before or after the cargo elevator trip, you will reach a door located between two other doors with just a couple of stair steps. Stand in front of the door on the left side of the screen and press Circle to enter a secret room.

Mission 4 : Hidden Area

When you start, look for the first door on your left. It is not very big and is sticking out slightly. Approach it and press Circle. It will lead to a secret area where big flying creatures attack you.

Floating Enemies

To get smaller enemies to float in the air, repeatedly shoot them with the pistols. Early on in the game this helps to keep enemies from hitting you. If there are a lot of enemies, you can jump, wait a second, and then start shooting again on one enemy while be avoiding the rest.

Completion Bonuses

Use the following trick to unlock the completion bonuses by only playing Dante's game. Switch from Disc 1 to 2 at any time during Dante's game. Successfully complete the game to unlock level select mode, hard mode, Bloody Palace mode, and the credits. This trick also works for hard mode. If you change from Disc 1 to Disc 2 anytime before you complete the game in hard mode, you will unlock Trish and other bonuses.

Become Sparda

While playing any mission get your life down to almost it lowest befor you are about to die click L1 or the devil trigger button, Dante will jump into the air and you can now be sparda till your devil trigger energy run out

Level Select

Successfully complete the game with both characters and you will be able to chose your level.

Sparda - Super Devil Trigger

Watch your health bar and when it gets lower and flashes red, hit Devil Trigger and Dante will turn into Spard (his father) which is a more powerful form than his usual Devil Trigger appearance. In this form, Dante shoots out extremely powerful red fireballs and can destroy bosses very quickly

Dante/Lucia Must Die Mode

Successfully complete the game with either Dante or Lucia on Hard mode to unlock Dante/Lucia Must Die mode for the respective character.

Bloody Palace 2

Successfully complete the game with both characters on Must Die mode to unlock the Bloody Palace 2.

Bloody Palace

Successfully complete the game with both characters to unlock the Bloody Palace.

Lucia's Third Bonus Costume

Successfully complete the game with Lucia on Must Die mode to unlock Lucia's third bonus costume.

Lucia's Second Bonus Costume

Successfully complete the game with Lucia on Hard mode to unlock Lucia's second bonus costume.

Lucia's First Bonus Costume

Successfully complete the game with Lucia to unlock Lucia's first bonus costume.

Dante's Second Bonus Costume

Successfully complete the game with Dante on Must Die mode to unlock Dante's second bonus costume.

Dante's Bonus Costume

Successfully complete the game with Dante to unlock Dante's bonus costume.

Play As Trish

Successfully complete the game with Dante on Hard mode to unlock Trish from Devil May Cry.