Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes Cheats & Codes

Faster Enemies

Pause game and press L 3times, R 5times, L 4times, R 4times, L 2times.

Fast Dexter



Hit L(3), R(5),L,R(4), L(3) to make Dexter Invincible.

Get Double Ammo

Any time during play, pause the game and press L, R(3), L(2), R(2), L(4), R, L(2), R. Dexter will have double the ammo he has for his ray guns.

Strong Dexter

Any time during play, pause the game and press, L (2), R(3), L(2), R, L(2), R(2), L, R, L, R. Dexter will be stronger, and it will take fewer hits to destroy robots by punching or kicking. It only last for a limited time.

One More Try (Extra Lives)

Any time during play, pause the game, then press L (2), R(2), L, R, L(3), R, L(2), R(2), L(2). You will gain one life every time you enter the code. You can have a maximum of 9 lives.

Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Alien Level

To get the alien level you need 96 Deedee's {thats all of them accept them accept the alien and house level Deedee's}.

Get Drill

The drill is at the alien level.