Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats & Codes

Speed Mode

At the main title of the game press R, R, L, L, X, X, Y, Y.

Diddy Kong Racing DS Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Scratch Card

Go to the tent. Then go in the little log. The face of Wizpig is the entrance. You have to trace the OUTSIDE of his face to get it.

Extra Balloon

Find the 3rd island and go left. (Don't enter the island! ) You shoud see yellow dots. Tap on them and you should draw a ballon. Then a ballon should appear, also you have to have this ballon to battle Wizpig the 2nd time.

Shortcut For Crescent Island

This path only works for hovercrafts because right before you drive up onto the big boat, you turn left into the water and follow the side of the boat to the other side.

How To Find The Hidden Keys

If you're thinking the keys are outside of the races you are wrong.
1. In Dino Domain, go to Ancient Lake. You'll find 4 balloons. Choose the blue balloon. Once you get the blue balloon turn right and you'll see a little ramp. Use the blue balloon to get the key.
2. In Snowball Valley, before you even start the race, it will have the wheel at the bottom. DON'T use your stylus to boost. Just back up and turn left. Then turn right again and you will see the key.
3. In Sherbert Island, go to Cresenti Island. When you start the race you will go through this little tunnel. After you go through the tunnel, you go through a little lake. Once you drive through the lake you just have to find the key. You will see it there.
4. In Dragon Forrest, go to Boulder Canyon. Before you go through the castle, you will see a bell with a blue and red balloon beside it. Ring the bell and turn around to get the key.
NOTE: You don't have to win the races.

Free Coins Past Wizpig Door

When you go in the log you will find a picture of Wizpig. Tap the picture with your stylus and then trace around the picture. Then the door will bread and you can go inside. Inside you will find a card. Drive into it then scratch a space. You will be rewarded coins.

Diddy Kong Racing DS Unlockables & Awards


Fling a frog into the mini island which is high and next to the Wizpig head. After flinging it, there should be a frog that looks like a rooster. Squish it and he'll be unlocked.


Complete Adventure 1

Unlock Wizpig

Complete Adventure 1 & 2.

Unlock T.T

Complete all Single Race tracks with all available vehicles while beating T.T. Don't need to complete Single Mirror Race.