Die By The Sword Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, hold [F1] and enter one of the following codes:


mukor		God mode
dedly		Super weapon
bills		Bill's demo mode
funky		Funky key mode
ifall		Falling mode
gmode		Turbo mode
tough		Expert mode
windo		Window mode
golrg		Large character
btiny		Small character
ghost		Disable opponent physics
silky		Enemies ignore character
aiaim		Toggle AI
agrav		Limb gravity
lunar		Lunar gravity
peace		Kill enemies
freez		Pause enemy
bamff		End level
ntrud		Enemy select
qsave		Quick save
pause		Pause the game
frame		Screen capture
spcam		Enemy viewpoint
mecam		First person viewpoint [Note]
gocam		Stationary viewpoint [Note]
gamma		Adjust gamma brightness
sepku		Commit suicide
bzone		Toggle wireframe and shading
fpers		Display sound cache errors
goura		Enable gourad shading
plane		Display protection and damage points
nfade		Toggle palette fading
colid		Display collision boxes
hicup		Bounce around
catch		Toggle out of world trapping
crash		Immediately quit game
sunny		Disable advanced shadows

Note: Press 1 to switch back to normal view.