Digimon World 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Digimon Digivolve

All rookie Digimon Digivolve at lv. 16. I'll know more later

Easy Tech. Up

In the Dryland area there are 4 Purple towers that continuously spawn scorpion like things. You keep attacking them with any weapon or MP technique you like and eventually it will raise your Tech. Whatever you do DON'T HIT THE TOWERS TWICE! This will cause the tower to be destroyed and stop the swarm.

Easy Exp. And Items

Once you get to the outside of the Doom Dome (after you save all the Digi-Elves at Numenume River) You should defeat all the Digimon in that area then cut down the whole line of bushes to get to the safe point, use a gate disk there and go back to the Terminal Area, go to the Heal Circle and then go back to the Emergency Gate and keep battling!!! Every time you battle, you'll get HP disks, and Gate disks, so keep going back and forth until satisfied!!!

Storm Train

You have to find a switch at Mummy Desert area and switch it on.

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