Digimon World Dawn Cheats & Codes

Unlock DSGreymon

Enter 70307991.

Obtain Legend Sword, Legend Ring, and Legend Robe



At Digimon Colosseum enter as a password 82607991.

Toy Agumon

At Digimon Coliseum enter for a password 19970628.

Digimon World Dawn Unlockables & Awards

How To Obtain Omnimon

All you have to do is get a Wargreymon and Metalgarurmon to level 68 with a friendship of 100% and a speed of 415.

How To Obtain Chronomon HM

If you already have a Susanoomon and Varoduromon and have beaten the Legendary tamers quest you need to get both to LVL. 83 with a high amount of Holy Exp.