Dino Run Cheats & Codes

Climb On Air Glitch

Okay, after using the boulders=balloons cheat, if that matters, I did the Out to Pasture level and, in the den, found this funny glitch. Jump up to where the blue dino is. It might take a few tries, since it's hard to get up there. Once you do, run into the wall behind the blue dino. You will seem to go through it and a tail pixel will appear. Remember to hold left while doing this for at least 1 second. Stop holding left. The pixel location will change. Walk your dino out and it will look like he's trying to climb on air!

Dino Run Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Out Of Den Glitch

I found this one while messing with cheats. I was playing as an Albino Dino with a Luigi hat, if that matters, and had super-jump and low gravity on. I jumped on to the platform where you can do the climbing on air glitch, and then jumped off while exclaiming "Whee! " I found out that the den had a weird open top and got out of the den. My Albino Dino's jump was slanted A LOT, so he left the screen. The camera got stuck, too, so I had to exit and post this glitch.