DiRT 2 Unlockables & Awards


Enter four tournaments.

2 Cups, 1 Girl

Win 2 team events with the same female team-mate.

Whose Backyard

Beat Travis Pastrana in a throwdown event.

With Great Honor

Get a "Cautious" impact rating in a multi-player race.

Piece Of Cake

Win a throwdown.

Nailed An Event.

Duh - win an event!


Win a pro division event.

Rookie Coming Through

Race in your first DiRT tour race.

Rush Hour

Win a pro tour race online against 7 competitors.

Show Boating

Bask in your success at X Games America.


Get terminal damage while traveling over 140mph.

That All You Got?

Win a timed throwdown event.

Get A Reputation

Reach level 15 in the Dirt Tour


Finish a race with no more than two wheels touching the ground.

Gut It Out

Win a DiRT tour event without winning a race.

Head Over Wheels

Roll your vehicle and still win!

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

Download a ghost and win.

I Like A Challenge

Win 12 throwdown events.

In His Footsteps

Win 25 rally races in the DiRT tour.

Jet Setter

Drive 100 miles without unlocking any other trophies.

Aren't You Popular

Become "true friends" with four superstars.

Block Party

Beat Ken Block in a Throwdown event.

Dialed In

Win any race with a custom setup.


Win a domination event and get the maximum points available.


Get to Online Fame level 15

5 Of Your Best

Win 5 pro tour races online.

Friends For Life

Become "True Friends" with a superstar.

Gate Crashed

Hit every gate in a gatecrasher event.

The Full Set

Drive all vehicles in the game.

World Tour Winner

Win all World Tour events.

The Best Around

Win any race at all the tracks.

X-games Regional Champs

America Champ: Win X Games America
Asia Champ: Win X Games Asia
Europe Champ: Win X Games Europe.


Perfect Finish

Unlock every trophy/unlockable.


When all events in the DiRT tour.

For Colin

Win the Colin McRae Challenge event.

X Games Champ

Win all X-Games events.


Win an All-Star Division event.

As Good As It Gets

Get to level 30 in the DiRT tour.

Bff (best Friends Forever)

Become "true friends" with all superstars.


Reach Online Fame level 30.

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