Disney's Bolt Cheats & Codes

Bolt Cheat Codes

Level Password
Italian - Mansion Gl Bo Pe Ca
Yucatan - Jungle Pe St Bo Pr
Yucatan - Inside the Temple Pr Bo Gl St
Russia - Cargo Train Gl Di Bo Di
Russia - Dam Pr Gl Bl Pe
Russia - Base Gl Bl Ca Di
China - Port Di Ca Wh Pe
China - Bullet Train Gl Bo Di Ca
Oceania - Island Ca Bo Fa Pe
Oceania - Base Bt Gl Bl Wh
Oceania - Core Pe Bo Ca Fa

The following cheats can be entered to play the 
game with special benefits. 

Effect Password
Invincibility Bo Fa Ca Pe
Maximum Status Wh Bl Ca Bt
One Hit Kills Gl Pr Di Ca
Unlimited Hacking Time Fa Pe Ca Di

Password Key:
Bo = Bolt
Pe = Penny
Ca = Calico
Fa = Professor
Gl = Glovey
St = Starry
Pr = Proddy
Di = Disky
Bl = Blasty
Bt = Booty
Wh = Whippy.

To Unlock Oceania Core Level

Password is Penny, Bolt, Dr Calico, Penny's dad.

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