Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Cheats & Codes

Lion King Video

Enter "savannah" at the cheat screen.

Toy Story Video

Enter "marin" at the cheat screen.

Tarzan Video

Enter "nugget" at the cheat screen.

Fast Truck

Enter gethotgear at the code input screen

Unlock All Levels

Enter frequentflyer at the code input screen.

Unlock All Characters

Enter xtremebuddies at the code input screen.

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

High Score Glitch

While in Ollieworld, locate the warp to Scar's Valley (heading away from the outdoor skatepark with the red brick building on your left look for the Radio Disney sign on a wall. Before you get to this sign there will be a steep incline to your right just past a wall. Skate down here and continue to go straight until you see the warp for Scar's Valley. On both sides of the warp are curved walls. Go up the right wall, and then go up the left wall making sure to hug the outer wall of the warp as much as possible. Ollie during this and your skater will hang in mid air while slowly moving toward the right. Use this time to input as many combos as you can before you land. Combos worth hundreds of thousands of points are possible if you do it correctly.

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