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During a game, press Square(Bark), Square(Bark), Square(Bark), hold Square (Growl), hold Square (Growl), hold Square (Growl), Left, Right, Down (Fart).


R1, L2, X, X, Circle.

Dog's Life Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Food From The Butcher's Shop

Go to the butcher's shop in Clarksville. Go up to the big window in the front. Make Jake get as close to it as he can and then press circle. Jake will start pressing his nose against the window because he is trying to grab the meat. Jake will grab the meat and get free food!

Get Clean Without Going To A Parlor

Whenever you are near water swim around in it for a while and when you get out have Jake shake his body until he's clean.