Dokapon Kingdom Cheats & Codes

Get Double The Taxes

Save the town and enter A, A+2 while holding the wii-mote sideways, and that town will now give double taxes. You have to do it for each individual town that you save.

Dokapon Kingdom Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Jobs

  • Acrobat : Get a Casino Ticket
  • Alchemist : Master Magician and Thief
  • Cleric : Master 1 of the Starter Jobs
  • Hero : Master Spellsword, Ninja, and Acrobat and get Hero License from the City Above the Clouds
  • Monk : Master Priest
  • Ninja : Master Warrior and Thief
  • Robo Knight : Master Alchemist and Monk and get Lost Technology from Sunken Shrine
  • Spellsword : Master Warrior and Magician
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