Donkey Kong Country Returns Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

The Golden Temple

In all levels (except the boss levels), there are letters to collect to spell out K.O.N.G. Collect the KONG letters in ALL levels in a World, and you unlock the bonus level for that world. Beat the bonus level and you\'ll get that world\'s Rare Orb. There are 8 Rare Orbs to collect - one for each of the bonus level of each World. Once you have them all, then the path to World 9 through The Golden Temple is unlocked.

How To Beat Captin GreenBeard And His Scurvy Crew (Pinchin' Pirates)

To beat Captin GreenBeard and his crew, first they will come up from under the ground individually. Jump on them and land next to them. Then, ground pound so they will flip over, when this happens jump on them and they will take a hit. Next when they come up on top of each other wait until they all put their pinchers in the air, and Kong roll/Barrel roll into them. They will fall then all you need to do is jump on each of them. Then it starts again.

Play As Super Kong

If you are asked to activate super guide say yes. Then when it is activated pause the game it should say "would you like to quit super guide" or somthing like that. Say yes. Super Guide will be deactivated but unless you die you will still be super kong.

Unlimited Donkey Kong Roll

Get didy kong on donkey kong and shake the wii remote.

How To Beat Mugly

To beat Mugly in the final level of World 1 (Jungle World) jump in the middle of the dark skinned part of Mugly's back. After doing this a couple of times Mugly's skin turns from green to orange. Repeat this again. After a few more hits Mugly turns red. Again repeat this and soon Mugly is defeated. P . S . Don't do this move if Mugly still has spikes coming out of his back, if you do, you'll take a hit.