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Another Bunny Suit Code

You can enter your name as "E.B." to be the bunny as you play also. It's the same bunny as "HOP" gets you, but it's just different name. It has something to do with a movie where the bunny is named "E.B.".

Pocket God

Enter your name as "Ooga" and you could play as a character from pocket god.


Type hop as your name and be the bunny from the movie hop.

The Creeps Enemies

Enter the code: Creeps

Halloween Theme

Enter the code: Boo

Holiday Theme

Enter the code: Snow

Play As Indian

Enter the code: Klak

Bunny Costume

After you lose a game enter your name as "bunny".


When you die submit your name as cheat. (This will change all scores to the name cheat)

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When you die submit you name at ooga. (This will turn you into a person from Pocket God).

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