dot.Hack: G.U. Vol. 1 - Rebirth Cheats & Codes

Vol. 2 Preview Movie

At the desktop, hold R1 + R2 and quickly press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Release R1 + R2, then hold L1 + L2 and quickly press Right, Up, Right, Up. Release L1 + L2, then quickly press L3 + R3. If you entered the code correctly, the Vol. 2 preview will be available in the movie gallery. WoOt! WoOt!

dot.Hack: G.U. Vol. 1 - Rebirth Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


This trick will enable you to fall through a floor. You will need the Steam Bike for this to work. First, in Mac Anu, leave the Chaos Gate dome, then, facing the town, take a left. Go all the way to the corner of the dome, get on your steam bike and have your bike exactly on the shadow thats on the floor. Run your steam bike into the wall making sure your bike stays perfectly in line with the shadow. If done correctly, you will fall through the floor and end up underneath the Chaos Gate Dome room. By riding the bike under the floor you will fall deeper and deeper, the only way to get out is to Log Out or, if your not to deep, you can look for level ground that will let you back onto the primary map.

Blacklisted PKs

These guys are incredibly powerful PKs, and you should not attempt to kill them at least until you obtain your job extension and gain the ability to use a broad sword. After that, just attack them so much with so many skills that they won't even have an opportunity to attack. Until you get to a high level, this can be a very slow process, but it worked every time for me.

dot.Hack: G.U. Vol. 1 - Rebirth Unlockables & Awards

Best Twin Blade Weapon

You can get the best twin blade weapon which is the Ripper's Blade (LV45-rapid attack) by killing all the blacklisted pkers. I would suggest going after the blacklisted pkers after getting the job extension and being at least lv 45 since killing them would be very easy then.