Downforce Cheats & Codes

Expert Mode

Triangle, Right, Left, Square, Up, Circle, Down, Right.

Main Menu Codes

Enter all of these codes at the Main Menu. When the sequences are entered correctly, the screen will flash, or, you may be warped directly to the bonus feature.
Championship Intermediate - down, square, up, square, right(x2), left.
Championship Expert - down, circle, up, down, circle(x2), R1, L1.
Crash Arena - left, right(x2), square, down, triangle(x2), square.
Crash Arena (2 player) - right, left(x2), circle, up, triangle(x2), square.
Expert AL - triangle, right, left, square, up, circle, down, right.
Invincibility - L1, triangle, R1, triangle, down(x2), circle.
Trophy Beginner - right(x2), L1, triangle(x2), R1, right.
Trophy Intermediate - right(x2), square, left, L1, R1, square(x2).
Trophy Expert - right(x2), circle, left, L1, circle, R1, cicle.


At the main menu, press L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, Down(2), Circle.