Dr. Muto Cheats & Codes



Super Ending

Enter "BUZZOFF" as a code.

View FMV Sequences

Enter "HOTTICKET" as a code.

Go Anywhere

Enter "BEAMMEUP" as a code.

Secret Morphs

Enter "LOGGLOGG" as a code.

All Morphs

Enter "EUREKA" as a code.

All Gadgets

Enter "TINKERTOY" as a code.

Never Take Damage

Enter "CHEATERBOY" as a code.


Enter "NECROSCI" as a code. Note: This has no effect when you fall from high places.

Dr. Muto Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Hot Chicks

In Muto's house if you walk up to his bed and go into first person mode you will see posters of scantily clad women all around .

Transform In A Jammed Area

On the junk yard level in one of the places where your jammed in the mouse morph, (you have to be invincible) when you get to the part with the steams of acid you get in the first one and turn left and go under the rock-part. In the corner, it will say that you can morph back to Dr. Muto.

Aquem: Shortcut

On the Aquem level, there is a waterfall near the beginning. Walk through it, and you will find yourself at the end of that part of the level.

Easy Isotopes

Zap the television in Muto's house to get 10 Isotopes.

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