Dragon Age II Cheats & Codes

More Console Cheats

Do the actions in the "Console Cheats", and you can use the following additional cheats:
  • runscript zz_upgrade - Upgrade your weapons and armor from anywhere for free
  • runscript dbg_setattrib X Y - Give minute-long attribute buff, where X is a digit representing an attribute and Y is amount
  • runscript chargen mage - Change to a Level 2 Mage
  • runscript chargen rogue - Change to a Level 2 Rogue
  • runscript chargen warrior - Change to a Level 2 Warrior
  • runscript bowlingforferelden - Create a forcefield to knock back enemies
  • runscript zz_supercrit player - Gives 1000 Stamina, 1000 Health, 50 Strength and 50 Dexterity
  • runscript killallhostiles - Kills all enemies
  • runscript zz_app_debug - Adjust a companion's Friendship/Rivalry level
  • runscript injury remparty - Remove all injuries from party
  • Console Cheats

    To do these cheats, you have to edit a shortcut to the game (da2.exe). Go to the bin_ship directory (usually in c:\Program Files\Dragon Age 2\bin_ship), and make a shortcut to da2.exe. Right click on the shortcut link and then select Properties. Then go to the Target field and add the following option:
    Then, you can use that shortcut to start the game. When you use it, you can type in the tilde (~) to open the developer console to type in cheats - you won't see it, but you can still type. Enter the cheat, and then press enter. These are the cheats:
    runscript addxp - Add experience points
    runscript zz_dae_debug - Add a member to your party
    runscript pc_immortal - God mode
    runscript healplayer - Heal characters
    runscript addmoney X - Ads X amount of Gold, where X is a numerical value

    Dragon Age II Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

    Glitch: Unlimited Armor Points

    You can do this with Hawke and Aveline during game play. Just equip then un-equip, and then equip your shield. Your Armor stat/percentage will constantly increase as you do so! You can max out your Armor Points by doing this. This may be fixed if there is an update.

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