Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure Unlockables & Awards

How To Get Mercenary Tao

Once again, in Goku's "Story Mode", after you've beaten "Underwater Cave", get to "Land of Korin" and once you start fighting Mercenary Tao, let yourself be beaten. After you've caught Korin 10 times, beat Mercenary Tao this time and it should say that you obtained "Hand Grenade" (Item No.39)

How To Get Gohan (Goku's Grandfather)

In Goku's "Story Mode", after you have beaten "Red Ribbon Army Base", just scroll to "Baba's Palace" and beat your opponents (Spike and ???). Once done, it should say you have obtained "Gohan's Hat" (Item No.38)

How To Get Jackie Chun

In Goku's "Story Mode", after you've beat "Island of Training" just move over to "World Tournament Arena" and beat the three contestants(Giran, Nam, and Jackie Chun). If done right, it will say you've obtained "Jackie's Wig"(item No.37)

How To Get Piccolo

After you've beaten the "Story Mode" with Goku, just beat it again with Krillin and you will have unlocked King Piccolo for "One-On-One" battles.

How To Get Cyborg Tao

After you've beaten the "Story Mode" with Krillin, just beat the "Survival" mode on "One- On-One" fighting with Piccolo. If you did it correctly, it will say that you obtained the "Mechagoggles" (Item No.42).


To get Krillen successfully complete the game as Goku.