Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Energy Blasts

Hold down the R button and press A or B. (NOTE: You must have above 10% KI to shot a Energy Blast.)

How To Make A Kamehameha,Etc

In order to make a finishing move or when you want to make a death move, charge your ki to 50%- 100% And press R+A+B at the same time and you will preform an death move."Note": When at 50%- 100% an arrow will move in a direction telling you where you can preform it,100% will be the Ultimate Death Move.

Easier Points

To beat challange mode and get easier points and beat "Z battle", you can be Andriod 18,her infinte energy will give you the confindence win,since she has infinite energy you can pull in some ki blasts for as long as you want,but if you want to use your death move it will require energy,but when you want more it will require force for attacking the opponnet.