Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Scout's Pledge (Infant Isle)

The easiest way to get the scout's pledge quickly and get to those other islands is to get a slime with your first monster and then get into the cave and get a bat (not required but I would recommend) and then level those 2 up and then go through the cave (Maybe if you got the bat you can go on-you would need an amount of power) and you go up the rope and you are done!


To synthesize your monsters need to be at least a level 10, AND the M.S.C. Needs to have started.

One Way To Beat The Golem

Have a Mischievous Mole with a good weapon that knows Heart Breaker so that you can shock his so he'll lose his turn, the rest is up to you.

How To Beat The Orc

You must have one of your monsters level 10 or 9. My idea was to have two monsters level 9 and one a lower level.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Unlockables & Awards

Metal Menagerie

To Get the metal menagerie you first need to be in the finals of the M.S.C. (Monster Scout Challenge) Then you go to Palish Isle Go into Madame Rummy's lounge and talk to the man guarding the door.

Liquid Metal Slime

To get a liquid metal slime you need to have at least 100 monsters in your library and have beaten Dr Snapped (Dr. Snapp).


Complete monster and skill libraries and speak to the skill library NPC.

Robbin' Hood

Complete both monster and skill libraries.

Metal King Slime

Obtain 100 skills.

Metal Kaiser Slime

Obtain 150 skills.

Grandpa Slime

Obtain 200 monsters.


Obtain ALL skills in the game.


Obtain ALL monsters in the game.