Dragon Warrior I & II Cheats & Codes

Renaming The Prince Of Cannock And The Princess Of Moonbrooke (Dragon Warrior 2)

To rename these two party members to the name of your choice, within 4 character limits. First save your game and reset. Resume the Dragon Warrior 2 game, then enter the "continue/New Game/Option" menu. Choose "continue" to where it shows your log files. Place the arrow next to the log file where you would like to change there names, and enter one of the following codes.

         Prince of Cannock:
         Hold:LEFT+SELECT+START and then press A.
         The rename prompt should appear for him.

         Princess of Moonbrooke:
         Hold:RIGHT+SELECT+START and then press A.
         The rename prompt should appear for her.

Dragon Warrior I & II Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Renaming Art And Nana (dragon Warrior 2)

Enter Enix as a name for your beggining person. Art and Nana's names will be changed to Karl and Fran.

Getting The Jail Key

To get the Jail key you have to go to the town underground.Note: You need the Gold Key to enter. Go to the item shop on the left and buy. He will only be selling 2 things. Pick slot #3 and he will sell you the Jail Key for 200 gold.

Getting The Dam Key

Go to the town that is underground. You will need the gold key, and the jail key to enter. Then, go to the jail, open the right cell, and go to the wall where there is a hole. Walk through the hallway to reach the man talk to him to get the Dam Key.

Defeating Metaly (1+2)

Go to the store and buy three torches. When you run into a battle with Metaly, use all three torches on it. (before it runs away)

Easy Money (Dragon Warrior 1)

Find a place where they sell repellent for 12 gold, and you can sell it back to them for 19 gold. Just keep repeating the process until you have as much as desired.

Betray The Kingdom (Dragon Warrior 1)

Rescue the Princess before you fight Dracolord. Take her with you to the last battle and the Dracolord will ask for her. You can either answer "Yes or No."

Get A Landowl

To get a Land owl breed a Bullbird with a monster from the Beast Family, with the Bullbird as the pedigree.

Get Orchi

To get Orchi all you have to do is breed a monster from the Dragon Family with a Draco Lord. The Dragon MUST be the pedigree.