Dragon Warrior III Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Gain Lots Of Levels

Go to the Pachisi place below Kazave village. Using your Hero Play the track for awhile. Eventually you will land on a grass patch and fight a monster. Afterwards you will level up for a long time. Be patient.

Speedy Spellcaster

If you wish to have a fast member on your team and who can cast spells, then this is the hint for you. Get a mage on your team and train it to know all of the spells you want it to know. (clerics work as well) Then, go to dharma temple and convert it to a fighter.

Get A Sage Without Using The Zen Scroll

When you begin the game, if you're up to the challenge, take a Jester as one of your three companions. When he or she is level 20 or higher, go to the Dharma Temple, go up the stairs, and talk to the man inside. Ask him to change your Jester into a Sage, no Zen Scroll required! If you want your other companions to become a Sage (except the Hero), you'll have to travel to a tower north of the temple and find an item called a Zen Scroll. If you do that, your companion must have the Zen Scroll and he or she must be level 20 or higher.

Get A Spell-casting Warrior

When you begin the game, don't take a Warrior as one of your three companions. Instead, take a Mage, male or female. Make him or her learn the last Mage spell (Chance hopefully at level 40), and travel to the Dharma Temple. Ask the man upstairs to change your Mage into a Warrior. Your new Warrior will lose half of his or her stat points, but he or she will be a Warrior who can use spells in battle.