Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Cheats & Codes

Extra Creations

Go to the hall of creation and go X Y B A A then you should here a noise and you should have more creations to choose from when creating your person. These are:
  • Astronaut Template
  • Knight Template
  • Ninja Girl Template
  • Spartan Template
  • Super Girl Template
  • Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

    Baki Toss

    When in the blob form, if you have a baki inside of you, press Y and you can throw the baki out of you.

    Swing, Jump, Ducks!

    1) The first thing to do to beat Galactic Jungle (Level 3) Number 2 is to swing on the vines. Watch your step, 'cause there are 3 vine-eating bugs.
    2) What to do next is to jump OVER those astronaut bugs. Don't try to jump on them. There is a little chance that you will make it. Also, jump over the ledges.
    3) Last thing to do is jump on the ducks when you get to the hoverboard. Do that because they will shoot you.
    Follow these steps over and over and you will win 3-2!

    Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Unlockables & Awards

    Unlockable Tunes

    Find all the hidden Pirate Coins on all stages and you unlock 3 musical tracks in the Music Shop.

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