Driver: San Francisco Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


When you're just driving along and you see a GMC sierra or you can find another f/r car get in it. Then get up to maby 40mph and hold gas and E-brake (usually r2 and O). Then go as far as you can and you should go a minimum of about 800 feet! P. S . The faster you start the farther you will probably go.

Driver: San Francisco Unlockables & Awards


  • Active! (Bronze) Complete an Activity
  • Against the Odds (Bronze) Complete Chapter 3
  • Air Rage (Bronze) Spin out 10 Vehicles with Impulse (Public)
  • Another Perspective (Bronze) Complete Chapter 6
  • Are You Insured? (Bronze) Buy your first Vehicle
  • Back on the Road (Bronze) Complete Chapter 1
  • Car Nut (Bronze) Buy 50 Vehicles
  • Carry the Team (Bronze) Score 10 times in Capture the Flag (Public)
  • Connoiseur (Bronze) Swap or Spawn into 20 Unique Vehicles (Public)
  • Cops & Robbers (Silver) Complete 30 Freedrive Cop Chases
  • Cut! Print It! (Bronze) Unlock 6 Movie Challenges
  • Deep Cover (Bronze) Complete Chapter 5
  • Drivers Ed. (Bronze) Complete the Prologue
  • Due for a Service (Silver) Drive over 1000 miles (~1610 km) (Story/Online)
  • End of the Road (Gold) Complete the Story
  • Eyes on the City (Bronze) Complete Chapter 2
  • Fan Service (Bronze) Complete the 'Blast from the Past' Challenge
  • First Time Buyer (Bronze) Buy your first Garage
  • Getting Away With It (Bronze) Reach 25 drop-off locations in Takedown (Public)
  • Hey Big Spender! (Silver) Spend 5,000,000 WP
  • Hyperactive! (Bronze) Complete 25 Activities
  • I'm On Fire! (Bronze) Stay in both trails for 30s in Trailblazer (Public)
  • Initiate (Bronze) Reach Multiplayer Level 5 (Public)
  • Keys to the City (Bronze) Buy all of the Garages in the City
  • Lights, Camera, Action! (Bronze) Unlock a Movie Challenge
  • Lombard Streak (Bronze) Drive down Lombard Street, no collisions, over 20 mph (32 km/h) (Story)
  • Master (Gold) Reach Multiplayer Level 38 (Public)
  • Master Driver (Silver) Complete all 80 Dares
  • Now You See Me... (Bronze) Complete Chapter 4
  • Pass the Torch (Bronze) Carry the Torch for 20s, 25 times in Relay Race (Public)
  • Petrolhead (Silver) Buy all of the Vehicles from the Garage
  • Picking Up the Pace (Bronze) Place in the top 3 in Sprint GP 10 times (Public)
  • Professional Racer (Bronze) Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public)
  • Radioactive! (Silver) Complete 50 Activities
  • Ramped Up! (Bronze) Complete a Getaway Activity in a Car Transporter
  • Relentless Assault (Bronze) Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public)
  • Round and Round You Go (Bronze) Place in the top 3 in Shift Race 10 times (Public)
  • Shift Happens (Silver) Shift 1000 times (Story/Online)
  • Show Off (Bronze) Perform a 250m Drift or Jump (Story/Online)
  • Stay With the Pack (Bronze) Score 1000 gates in Checkpoint/Team Rush (Public)
  • Survivor (Silver) Complete Chapter 8
  • Tag, You're It! (Bronze) Keep the Tag for 10s, 50 times in Tag (Public)
  • That's a Wrap! (Silver) Unlock all 13 Movie Challenges
  • The Challenger (Bronze) Beat the Target Time/Score on any Challenge
  • The Truth (Bronze) Complete Chapter 7
  • This Can't Be Real (Bronze) Complete the Shift Tutorial
  • Tricked Out (Bronze) Buy all of the Upgrades from the Garage
  • Veteran (Silver) Reach Multiplayer Level 20 (Public)
  • We Dare You... (Bronze) Complete a Dare
  • We Double Dare You... (Bronze) Complete 40 Dares
  • You ARE the Wheelman (Platinum) Collect all Trophies
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