Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beat First Boss

To easily beat the first boss, enter the big room. As soon as you hear him yell, turn on your steroids and run through the door you entered in. Now you can open and close it at will. Then, lure the boss to the door and he will be stuck there (he is too dumb to run away. Now, go to the left until you can just see his arm-now he can't hurt you. Now keep shooting and sooner or later, he will die.

Beat Second Boss

To easily beat the second boss, go to the big door once you destroy all the eggs in the big room and wait for it to open. Once the overlord enters the bid room, go to the left wall. A small doorway will open. Jump through it and then turn around. By now you should be in some water. Now, the overlord can't hurt you (he keeps running around). Keep shooting at him and sooner or later, he will die.

Toxic Dump

This Board starts out with you in an electric chair. Run forward soon as Board starts. Eventually You will come to a room with a belt that moves, you can stand on this and this arm picks you up and dropps you at a certain angle so when the next arm picks you up and moves you will see the hidden rooms to explorer. In the rooms there are some switches thay may be on (green) or off (red)- reverse them to the opposite color, (general rule for any board) this should open or turn off something - you will also be underwater in this board and you only have 2 scubba tanks in the game, so be wise. There are lost of hidden rooms that contain ammo incase you need more. Use quick save everytime you get a little bit further in the game and save to memory card in EMPTY spot when done. Good luck.


There is a Giant Monster you have to kill in this board you will need more health and ammo - Soon as game loads back up fast and jump on bleachers - look up and you will see a blimp that say "Duff Beer" shoot it and you will see health packs and ammo fall - this board is tough and you will use alot of ammo.

Refill Energy

Destroy any water source, including fountains, fire hydrants, and toilets. Then, stand in the water and hold A to slowly restore energy. Another way is, to stand in front of a toilet or urinal and press A.