Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + C, then enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Level skip			do not fear the reaper
All monsters' skills set to 10	feel the power
All rooms			this is my church
All rooms and traps		fit the best
All magic			i believe its magic
Extra money			show me the money
Additional 100,000 mana [Note]	ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway
Full map			now the rain has gone

Note: Requires v1.51 patch.

Reveal Map

Hit Ctrl+Alt+C, then type "now the rain has gone".

Level Select

Start the game with the "dk2.exe -level [level name]" command line, using one of the following level names: level1 level2 level3 level4 level5 level6a level6b level7 level8 level9 level10 level11a level11b level11c level12 level13 level14 level15a level15b level16 level17 level18 level19 level20 secret1 secret2 secret3 secret4 secret5

Dungeon Keeper 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you want your creatures to be able to blow away any heros they need experience. So I just put them in the combat pit with like 10 others and the victor will have gained atleast 2 levels. Works best with a good creature (bile deamon) going up against worse people (goblins).