Dungeon Siege III Unlockables & Awards

Treasures Of The Sun Achievements

  • All Ye Who Enter Here (10) : Perform the ritual and gain access to the Agallan Vault.
  • Anointed Ointment (40) : Collect the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.
  • Bones on the Sand (10) : Survive your first encounter in the Aranoi Desert.
  • Confirmed Shriner (20) : Light the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.
  • It Ain't Lion (10) : Speak to the Lamasu.
  • Litany Learned (40) : Learn the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.
  • Mistress of the Abbey (10) : Meet Eleanor in the Abbey.
  • Mummy Dearest (70) : Defeat High Priest Molochi.
  • The Path Not Taken (10) : Respec your character at least once.
  • The Worm Has Turned (30) : Defeat the Giant Sand Worm.
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