Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


If you want to unlock all the armor for when you're in editing mode then all you have to do is conquer all the lands spots in the yellow turban rebellion.

Team Up

Team up on empire mode with bosses and you do a lot better or play 2 player on empire mode.

Weak Allies

While playing Empires, you'll soon notice that your officers and and other ppl will usually be in trouble a lot. Their very weak. Unless their morale is at its max, they'll struggle almost immediately after they engage the next enemy.

Getting New Characters

The get new characters, all you have to do is go to Empire Mode and when you get a new character save your game and you'll automatically have him.

Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires Unlockables & Awards

4th Weapons

To get the fourth weapon of any character, get 1000 KO's on an Empire mode stage. You must have got the 4th tech level (301-400xp) in the chosen officers weapon format, ie - Zhang Liao has a spear type weapon, raise spearsmith to level 4. Then, choose any location on the empire map (must be empire mode, remember), and get 500 KO's plus. After the stage, you will receive the weapon.

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